Previous HRIC Conferences

Second HRIC 2016 Sydney, Australia

The second International Conference of the HR Division took place in Sydney, Australia, February 20-22, 2016. The conference was organized by the School of Management, UNSW  Business School (chair Prof Karin Sanders) and was co-sponsored by the UNSW Business School, including AGSM, Centre for Human Resource Management at the University of South Australia, and Monash University in Melbourne. The conference theme was Highlighting Context and Concepts in Human Resource Management (HRM). Keynote addresses were given by Prof Fang Lee Cooke (Monash Business School); Prof Cheri Ostroff (Centre for Workplace Excellence, University South Australia and Prof. David Guest  (King’s College, London, UK).

First HRIC 2014 Beijing, China

The first HR Division International Conference took place in Beijing, China June 15-16th, 2014. The conference was co-sponsored by the HR Division of the Academy of Management (AOM), The International Journal of Human Resource Management, and Renmin University (chair Prof James Jian-Min Sun). The conference theme was ‘Convergence and divergence in human resource management’. Keynote addresses were given by Prof. Pawan Budhwar (Aston University, UK), Prof David Lepak (RIP) (Rutgers University, USA), Prof Kwok Leung (City University of Hong Kong), and Prof Anne Tsui (Arizona State University, USA).